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Ce site Open Journal Systems fournit un environnement d'apprentissage pour les étudiants, les professeurs et les chercheurs de l'Université d'Ottawa, afin de tester la fonctionnalité du système OJS. Les revues hébergées ici sont uniquement à des fins de démonstration.

This Open Journal Systems site provides a learning environment for uOttawa students, faculty and researchers to test the functionality of the OJS system. Journals hosted here should are for demonstration purposes only.

Current trends in publishing/Tendances de l'édition - Student compilation/Compilation étudiante: University of Ottawa, Spring 2014

Current Trends in Publishing (Tendances de l'édition): student compilation étudiante

As a visitor to this site, you may be asking yourself 'Who are these people?', 'What is the purpose of this journal?’ and ‘Is it even real?' Rest assured, this is 100% original, non-recycled content, and it is legitimate. We're a group of students enrolled in a graduate-level class at the University of Ottawa, located in Canada's capital city. We come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, with the class being split between students from the School of Information Studies, and the Department of Communication.

As part of the course requirements of ISI 6314 - The Publishing Business: Transformations and Opportunities, we are collectively authoring an online journal. The point of the class project - other than scoring really high marks, of course - is to create an open access journal using the Open Journal System showcasing research on publishing related trends. All of our course term papers are published here in an open-sourced and Creative Commons environment. They cover a variety of topics related to contemporary issues in publishing, new media and technology, journalism, open access and scholarly communication.

To reflect Ottawa’s cultural and linguistic diversity, some parts of this journal are available in French, including select articles, as well as keywords and indexing. Have a great time exploring this journal - read, learn, reflect, and above all, remember to share knowledge by promoting open access learning!

We thank the University of Ottawa Library and Scholars Portal for allowing the spring 2014 ISI 6314 class to create an entirely original journal.

We would also like to thank Professor Heather Morrison for her efforts and hard work in arranging this experience to create an open access journal using the Open Journal System.

Lastly, we would like to thank all contributors for their insightful and academic essays, their knowledge and efforts in peer reviewing, and their overall hard work in making this journal a possibility.

Read, learn, explore and share knowledge.

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